My serverless Flask guide is now free

My serverless Flask guide is now free

A little over a year ago I released a paid course on serverless Flask. I just pulled down the paywall, so now everyone can access it for free at!

Here is an excerpt from the introduction where I give my reasons for writing the guide:

1. I think serverless Flask is a great, inexpensive option for applications that need to auto-scale quickly and/or have extremely bursty usage (for instance, a reporting tool that is only used on the first of every month, or an application that only accepts submissions for small windows of time throughout the year). It's also a wonderful option for people who want to deploy quick one-off web apps that can stay up indefinitely with no monthly cost if people aren't using them.
2. I want to show you how to build a complete Python web application that is actually deployable and usable. Many books use examples without full source code, whereas I want to demonstrate how to build a real (albeit simple) application from start to finish. All the source code is available as an appendix at the end of the guide (in addition to a github repo here) and relevant excerpts will be presented throughout.

If you find the guide useful feel free to drop me a line at!

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